PDF Page Numberer + Text watermark

Add page numbers and text watermark easily to your PDF Numberer app
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(for macOS 10.12 and above)
"I just bought it. It’s great! It’s simple, it works as expected and offers the exact feature-set I (and I’m sure many other people) need. To be honest, I really hope you don’t add too many features later on, because the simplicity is one of the reasons I bought it . :)"
- Daan Odinot

I created this app out of frustration that the Markdown Editor I used to write ebook does not support page numbering when exporting to PDF. I don't feel it's worth to subscribe to Adobe Acrobat or buying a complete PDF suite just for page numbering.

I've also found many online service providing page numbering function for free but I am paranoid on what if they store the uploaded PDF and make it publicly available on some sketchy ebook downloading site? 🤔😱 (Some of them don't even have terms of service, might be just me being too paranoid)

I hope this app is useful for you and complete the last step of your ebook!

Privacy Policy

Numberer app doesn't collect any data from you. No amount of data is collected in any manner.


Q: How do I skip page number on the first page of my ebook since the first page is the cover?

Answer: Set the From text field under 'Pages you want to number' section to 2 to start numbering on second page of the book.

Q: Is this a native app?

Answer: Yes, the app is written in 100% Swift.

Have other questions? Contact me at axel@fluffy.es